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14 years old. With his father away with the Navy, he is the responsible member of the household. During the air raids, he is the one to take care of this sister while instructing his Mom to go to the shelter first. He protects his younger sister Setsuko like a parent, and tries his best to keep her safe. When she is sad, he will try to cheer her up. Believed very strongly in his father and the Japanese army. Did not believe they were going to lose. He is stubborn, perhaps stemming from pride. War made him grow up too fast. He had to see to the burial of his Mother by himself and he became his sister's protector and provider.

Only 4 years old. Adores her older brother Seita, and eager to help him when she can. A very happy and innocent girl at the start of the film. At times, she seems too innocent to understand the war taking place around her. When she and Seita first walk back to their town after it was completely destroyed by the air raid, she merely looks and tells her brother she needs to go to the bathroom. However, when she became aware that her Mother was dead even without anyone directly telling her so, she cried knowing that she was never coming back. After suffering so much loss, she becomes terrifed of losing her brother. He would be the one to lose her.

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