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Kiki Kiki The main and title character of the film. She aspires to become a good witch like her mother, and for this reason, she had to leave home at the age of 13 for one year in order to complete her witches' training. However, Kiki does not know many spells or posses talents in a great assortment of witchcrafts. Some witches know how to make potions, there are those who know to tell fortune, but all Kiki knows is how to fly on her broom stick (and she has difficulty in doing that most of the time!) Neverthless, Kiki is not afraid of going off by herself with only her flying skills. She has a great enthusiasim for life and takes her optimisim with her everywhere. She is a kind and warm-hearted person and is always willing to help out others before helping herself.

Jiji Jiji is Kiki's cute and quirky talking cat. He is completely in black expect for his big white eyes. Jiji is a very interesting character and it is hard to give him a specific personality. He cares for Kiki a great deal as shown when he even pretended to be a doll under the abuse of a very very bad child just so that he could help Kiki (You need to see the movie to understand the situation better ^_^;; ) Later in the movie however, he stopped talking to Kiki because she grew up and therefore her special childhood connection to her cat changed. Jiji got married to the sophisicated cat next door and the pair started their own cat family. ^_^

TomboTombo was one of Kiki's first friend in the new city. He met her the first day she arrived and helped Kiki escape from the traffic police officer (her broom went out of control and caused quite a commotion) by yelling "Thief, thief!" to distract the officer. However, Kiki did not like him at first and was actually very snobbish towards Tombo. Nevertheless, Tombo would not give up. He was fascinated by Kiki and her flying abilities and was willing to do anything to be her friend. Tombo dreamed of flying and spent a great deal of effort and time building his "bicyle-airplane". Tombo is a very likeable boy and his persistence in winning Kiki's friendship as well as achieving his dream of flying deserves to be be admired.

Mrs.  Osono Mrs. Osono is Kiki's mother-figure in the new city. When Kiki first arrived in the city, she had no place to live, no job and knew no one. Mrs. Osono took Kiki in, gave her a place to live and helped Kiki start her delivery service. Mrs. Osono is a very friendly and open person and treats Kiki as her own daughter. Even though she is almost into the full term of her pregnancy, she still works very hard at her beloved bakery shop alongside her husband. Mrs. Osono encouraged Kiki to make new friends in the city and had helped progress Kiki and Tombo's friendship.

Ursula Ursula first met Kiki when Kiki came to her little cottage in the forest in order to retrieve a cat doll (the Jiji look-alike) that she lost. The two girls became fast friends, even though their personalities seem to differ in many places. At the age of 18 years old, Ursula is five years older than Kiki. She lives by herself in her summer cottage and spend her days painting. She is an extremely talented artist and draws both life-objects as well as fantasy. Urusla is very outgoing and even tomboyish. She likes Kiki a great deal and feels inspired by Kiki for one of her paintings.

Mr. Osono Mr. Osono is a very quiet man. Although he doesn't talk to Kiki much (he doesn't talk to anyone else much either) he cares for Kiki a great deal as shown by his concern whenever Kiki was late returning from her delieveries. Mr. Osono even spent a great deal of time making a special shop sign for Kiki's Delivery Service which is displayed on the window of his bakery shop.

Kokiri (Kiki's Mom) Kokiri is a very good witch and specializes in making herbal medicine. Every witch has a special talent and to make medicine was her specialty. Kokiri was at first hesitate to let Kiki leave home because she felt Kiki was too young (but then, I think all mothers think their daughers are too young to leave home ^_^). However, after seeing her daughter's enthusiasim, Kokiri gave her blessing by making a special dress for Kiki as well as giving her broom to Kiki.

Okino (Kiki's Dad) Okino is not a warlock (male Witch) but rather just a plain-old-regular human. He first met Kokiri (Kiki's Mom) when she was 13 years old and arrived at his town to begin her witch training. Okino was also hesitant to let Kiki leave home at such a young age, but like Kokiri, he put aside his own disappointment and gave Kiki his blessings.

MadamMadame is the kind old lady in the city who in a way adopts Kiki as her granddaughter. Madame is very kind and lives in a beautiful old house with her companion Bertha. Madame's daughter and granddaughter live quite far away and rarely visit Madame. When Madame sent her specialty, a herring and pumpkin pot pie, to her Granddaughter for her birthday party, the granddaughter looked at the pie disgustingly rather than be grateful for what her Grandmother had done. Madame likes Kiki a lot and although they have not known each other for a very long time, a special bond had already been formed between them.

BarsaBertha is Madame's loyal companion. Bertha is very fascinated by Kiki's broom and whenever Kiki visits Madame, Bertha would go into the hall and try to fly on the broom.

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