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My Comments - written in 1998
For some strange reason, I was not very impressed with Kiki the first time I saw it. Perhaps I was a bit too young at a time, and found the soft-paced film to be less-interesting in comparison to the adventure and climatic structure in Laputa and Nausicaš. For this reason, the movie was left sitting in the shelf for quite a long time. ^_^;;

Recently however, having heard that Disney will soon release the movie (September 1st, 1998) worldwide in an English version, I was tempted to watch it again. I was completely captivated by the movie the second time around. Everything about the movie, the characters, the scenery (Wow!), the music, is just absolutely wonderful. After the second viewing, I could not believe why didn't I like it the first time!!! This film is perhaps tied with Nausicaš as my second most favourite anime film of all time. I highly recommend it to everyone regardless of age groups.

One of the things that I love about Kiki is the scenery and backdrop of the movie. As shown in the scene when Kiki first arrived at the city, the colours used are so vibrant and captivating. Perhaps this is not an element that stands out for others, but as I was watching the film, I found myself thinking in many occassions that the colours used are just so beautiful. The multi-colour roof tops and scenery that are seen as Kiki sails through the sky, to the variety of the people in the city.

I think Kiki is a very likeable character. She is charming, sweet, and genuinely cares about everyone. However, my favourite character in the film is actually Jiji the black cat. He is quirky, funny and a real big scene-stealer. The Chinese dub of Jiji was really adorable and I enjoyed every scene that it appeared in. I am really interested to see Phil Hartman's version of Jiji. I have heard that it is different from the Jiji that most of us has seen, but is also very likeable.

I don't have a lot of comments here yet, but hopefully, I will think of something to add on later. Hope to see you then!

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