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Team Ghiblilink prepares an abundance of information about the movie at this site. Some interesting things to check out include a translation of Hayao Miyazaki's thought about the film located here, and the FAQ to learn the in-jokes of the movie, who was actually suppose to direct the movie, and other interesting facts and figures. The page has also prepared a huge archive of reviews related to the film, mostly from the 1998 North American release.

Buta-Connection [French]
As usual, great comprehensive site from the people at The site includes a full synopsis, detailed character profiles, analysis of the film and (my favourite section) a section dedicated to the making of the film. It is really interested to read.

Kadono Eiko's Homepage [Japanese]
Kadono Eiko is the author of the book that the movie is based on. She has an English version of her novel prepared and is currently looking for a publisher. It would be great if the many Kiki fans can have read the original story. I hope the see the book available soon.

Online Ghibli - Kiki's Delivery Service
For those of you who have not yet caught the film and eager to catch a glimpse of the movie, or for those of you just enjoy reliving the film again, you should visit this page. The page host pages of screen captures from all Ghibli films!

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