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Columbus Dispatch
"Bewitching 'Kiki' sweeps away cartoon cliche"

Stomp Tokyo
"Kiki's Delivery Service is sure to delight children and adults who see it. It stands tall against the more recent domestic Disney animated offerings as quality entertainment, and may just help repair the image of their kids' animation division"

Jeffrey Rutsch
"This beauty is beauty with depth; for every detail left in, dozens are only hinted at."

Kid Screen
An article about the release of Kiki in North America

Movie Magazine International
"Every once in a while, a children's film comes along that can have as much effect on grownups as it does on kids"

Anime Café
"This, in my books, is Miyazaki's hallmark production -- a truly masterful piece of storytelling."

T.H.E.M. Anime Reviews
"Most interesting is Miyazaki's portrayal of the setting: the movie incorporates numerous elements and anachronisms to achieve an overall feeling that this movie could take place anywhere, anytime. Fifties fashions walk side by side with trendy 80's clothes, and the radios have stations that are broadcast in English, Italian, Japanese..."

Entertainment Weekly
Kiki is named "Video of the Year"!

Anime World
"That sense of realism, in fact, is what distinguishes this film from much of the standard kids' adventure fare, and also what makes it a joy to watch even for people well past the age that you'd think would enjoy the story.">
"The magic of Kiki is the girl's sense of wonder in her new world, whether it's her soaring flight among the migrating geese or a bicycle ride with Tombo to see the dirigible."

Last but not must see's vault of Kiki reviews.
Definitely a must-see!!!

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