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Sheeta, full name Lusheeta Toelle Ul Laputa, is the heroine of the story. She grew up in the remote parts of the mountains where her family raised livestocks. When she was very young, her parents died, leaving her in the care of her Grandmother, who probably died shortly before the movie began. more>>


Pazu is a young boy whose goal was to fly into the sky to search for Laputa. His father was a pilot who found Laputa long ago. However, people did not believe him, and Pazu's father died in sadness. That is why Pazu is so motivated and determined to find the lost castlele, because he wanted to prove that his father was telling the truth. more>>


Captain Dola is woman who is hard on the outside, but quite soft at heart. In the beginning of the film, she was one of the bad guys; she invaded a passenger air ship, she fired at people, and she led her crew on a violent chase after Pazu and Sheeta on the railroad tracks. However, she really wasn't that bad a person, just a person who was temporarily blinded by the vision of riches. more>>


Mooska, like Sheeta, is a descendent of the Laputians who once lived in the castle of the sky. He joined the government as a means of using their resources, while secretly planning his own agenda. He did not care about the gold or the jewels or diamonds, because he knew none of them could even remotely represent what Laputa was worth. more>>

Other Characters....

General Muoro

Assigned by the government to search for Laputa, but works in a different division than Mooska. He does not have a good temper and did not realize he was used by Mooska. He died when Mooska used Laputa's technology to kill all the military officers.

Mr. Duffi

Pazu's mentor, boss, and un-official guardian. He works in the mine of the mine, and is a respectable member of the community. He helped distract the pirates in town to allow Pazu and Sheeta escape from them.


Wife of Mr. Duffi. She is a kind woman, who cares a great deal about Pazu. She keeps Pazu from getting himself into trouble, and tries to do the same with her husband. She also helped Pazu and Sheeta escape.

Pazu's Father
He was a pilot, who on one of his journey's discovered and photographed Laputa. Unfortunately, no one believed his discovery, and he died in sadness. Because of his father's discovery, Pazu was determined to find Laputa, so that he can prove to everyone his father was telling the truth.

Uncle Pom
Uncle Pom is an old miner who knows a great deal about rocks. He helped Sheeta and Pazu when they were trapped in the mine tunnels, and he showed them that residue of levitation stone even exsists on Earth.

Sheeta's Grandmother
She is a descendent of the royal Laputians, and know many spells. She was the one who taught Sheeta the spell to awaken the robots, and the destruction spell to destroy Laputa.

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