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Washington Post
"Miyazaki's world, so full of color and life, is always just across the borderline of imagination"

Jeff Meyer's Review
"Hayao Miyazaki is considered at the very pinnacle of anime directors, and this film gives dozens of examples why."

Desert News' Movie Review
"this Japanese import is hardly in the same league, with stiff characters who move more like the Saturday morning slide-shows on television than the graceful mermaids in the Disney film."'s Collection of Reviews
A collection of old reviews

T.H.E.M. Anime Review
"the art in Laputa is detailed, rich, and a joy to behold"

Stomp Tokyo's Review
"Although the basic storyline (intrepid young hero rescues princess) is as cliche as can be, the world Miyazaki has created here is unlike any you've seen in any animated film, especially one made by Disney. "

Parent's Guide to Anime
"Action, excitement, and tense moments are packed in, but plenty of room is left for quieter scenes."

Anime Cafe
"Miyazaki is obviously a fan of the Fleischer brothers, as well as Jules Verne and Leonardo daVinci -- there's no mistaking their influences in both his animation style and his mechanical designs."

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