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Most of the e-mails I get are about where someone can buy Laputa products. Here are some online stores that have Laputa goodies. Hopefully this can help you in your search.

Stores that have a * beside its name means I am an affiliate and I get a commission if you buy from that store. Please don't feel you have to buy from those stores. It'd be nice, but don't worry it's not as though I would take the site down if you don't. Only buy from those stores if they actually offer a better deal. Thanks.

Unless otherwise indicated, I have never tried these sites before. Please learn more about a store's terms before you actually buy from them. If anyone would like to submit a comment/review of a store, please feel free to. Additionally, if you have a favourite store that is not listed here, please let me know as well. =)

Items they have: CD (import), Book - The Castle in the Sky (Magical Adventure Series), Castle In The Sky (Score), VHS (Disney release), DVD (Disney release)
Pros: Big company, probably more reliable.
Cons: ?*
Items they have: VHS, DVD
Pros: Canadian!
Cons: Good mainly for Canadians

Items they have: 1000 piece Art Puzzle "Tsukiyo ni flappter de" .
Pros: nice prices
Cons: shipping costs from Japan
Items they have: Piano Solo Album book, Laputa Music Score with CD, Film Book Vol. 1, Film Book Vol. 2, Film Book Vol. 3, Film Book Vol. 4, Art of Laputa, Hayao Miyazaki Works Guitar Score, Hayao Miyazaki Works Piano Score, Studio Ghibli Piano Solo Album.
Pros: Has a collection of books difficult to find elsewhere
Cons: ?

Items they have: Original Soundtrack, Image Album, Symphonic Album, Art of Laputa, Conte Book, Import VHS, Archives of Studio Ghibli Vol. 1, Castle in the Sky OST.
Pros: Probably the most popular online Anime store
Cons: wished they accepted Cdn $ on par. :)

Items they have: Art of Laputa
Pros: has VeriSign and a large collection of products
Cons: mostly a games store. I was very surprised to see the book.

Hobby Link Japan
Items they have: Art of Laputa, Laputa Completed Figures Set, Flappter model, Tiger Moth model
Pros: The prices seem better than many other places.
Cons: Hmm...shipping from Japan not that cheap...not terribly expensive, but not that cheap

Items they have: The Original StoryBoard Art Book, piano books (currently out of stock)
Pros: I know for sure the store actually exists because I've been there.
Cons: ?

Items they have: Archives of Studio Ghibli Vol. 1.
Pros: Not bad prices
Cons: shipping costs?

Items they have: Art of Laputa, Laputa Piano Solo.
Pros: It's Canadian! It's not just because I am Canadian...but really..with how our dollar has been doing recently (date or writing 12/16/01) it's good to shop from us.
Cons: ?

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