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Nausicaš is the beloved Princess of the Valley of The Wind. She is a skilled jet-powered glider pilot and also has a special connection with animals. She does not share the same fear for them that most others do, and is often visits the Fukai to do research. more>>


Yupa is from the Valley of the Wind and is an old friend of Nausicaš's father, King Jiru. He is also Nausicaš's mentor, but left the Valley when she was 14 in order to research the Fukais. His goal has been to solve the mysteries of the Fukais, in hopes of preventing them from spreading and eliminating the existence of mankind. Yupa is a well respected person in the Valley, and his return to the Valley after a year and half of wandering was welcomed by all. During his time away, he visited many villages there were destroyed the Fuakis, and sadly reported that wars and famine now exist in too many places of Earth. Yupa is a skilled sword/knivesman, and saved the Pejite people from being killed by the Tolumekians.


Old, wise and a bit kooky, the old woman simply called "Grandmother" is also a highly respected person in Valley of the Wind. She has poor eyesight, lives in the castle and has watched Nausicaš grow up. Grandmother was the one told us about the legend of the saviour who will come to help mankind, and it is she realizes Nausicaš is the saviour. When the Valley forest was infested with Fukai poison, the people went to her for guidance. She decided that the only way to save the rest of the Valley was to destroy the forest.


Blind in one eye (cause unknown), he is a loyal and trusted friend of King Jiru and Nausicaš. Although he is quite rough in some occassions, he is a highly skilled pilot and shows much care for the people of the Valley. When Nausicaš was attacked by a Tolumekia airship, he saved her by quickly shooting it down. He helped protect the people of the Valley by warning them of the Omhu attack, and guided them to safety.


Prince of the Kingdom of Pejite, Asbel took revenge on the Tolumekians when they kidnapped his twin sister Lastelle. He shot down their planes, but when he saw Nausicaš signalling him to stop, he was distracted and was shot down himself. Although young in age, he is a very good fighter pilot. At first, he was in support of the Pejitians' plan to terminate the Tolumekians at all cause, including killing the people of the Valley of the Wind. However, after he meets Nausicaš, he realizes what they are doing was wrong. He triesto save Nausicaš, but was knocked unconscious by his men. Later however, with the assistance of his Mother, he succeeds. He pushes Nausicaš off to save her people while he himself stays behidn to fight the attacking Tolumekians.


The Fourth Imperial Princess of Tolumekia, Kushanta's goal in life is to destroy the Fukais all the Omhus in exsistence. Her motive behind her determination is the fact that when she was a child, she was attacked by an Omhu, and as a result, her arm and two legs were amputated. She had to grow up with a metal shell as an arm and has been very angry ever since. Although at times she appears to be mean and cruel, she is actually very afraid. She puts up a strong front in order to hide her fears and actually has a very caring heart. As the story unfolded, she changed into a gentler and more caring person. When Mito returned to the Valley, she ordered her troops to stop firing at him because she was worried about Nausicaš's safety. So even though she led the invasion of the Valley, Kushanta is not a hateful character. Her plight generates sympathy, and her goals and ideals are understandable. She could not have predicted the results of her actions and did not do anything out of cruelty or evilness.


Kurotawa is Princess Kushanta's General and has a love/hate relationship with her. He was quite happy when reports came in that Kushanta has been killed, but when she returned, he didn't seem to be angry at all. He is the type of person who likes to be in command of battles rather than actually be in them. Although he led the invasion on the Valley of the Wind, he is not exactly a bad guy. Like Kushanta, he is not a hateful character because he is not evil, or mean or cruel. He just happens to have different ideals and goals than the people of the Valley of the Wind and he does what he does in the belief that they are for mankind's best interest.

King Jiru
Beloved King of the Valley of the Wind, he was dying of Fukai poison. He moved his people to the Valley of the Wind in order to escape from the wars outside, as well as the poison which exist in most parts of the Earth. He is killed by a Tolumekians when they attacked the Valley.

Princess of the Kingdom of Pejite, and twin sister of Asbel. She was kidnapped by the Tolumekians when they destroyed her kingdom and stole the fire demon. She was being transported to Tolumekia when the soldiers angered some Fukai creatures and the airship was attacked. The airship crashed into the mountains and Lastelle suffered grave injuries. As her last words, she asks Nausicaš to destroy all cargo aboard the airship. Nausicaš tells her the fire destroyed everything, and Lastelle died happy with that knowledge. It is discovered later on that the fire demon survived the crash. Fortunately, Lastelle died without that knowledge.

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