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A Nausicaa Nocturne
Griffin presents a Nausicaa website that cannot be compared. In addition to his wonderful collection of Nausicaa fanart (the very best), he has composed a really interesting section dedicated to "Teaching and taming animals the Nausicaa way". In addition, there are pages that detail his attendance at the Nausicaa presentation at the Museum of Modern Arts, New York film festival and the New York International Children's Film Festival. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
The movie pages at are always fantastic. They have an illustrated synopsis andinformation about all the Nausicaa-related books and CDs avilable. Like all the other movie pages at, the best section is the FAQ. Be sure to visit it to learn interesting facts like the meaning of Ohmu, Mehve, and where to get a Nausicaa computer game!

La forêt des oomus [French]
I love this page by Michel Galle. The page is more concentrated on the manga. It offers very detailed character analysis, places information, a very interesting section that compares image by image the difference between the French publication and Japanese publication of the manga.

Ever Forward, My Darling Wind
This is a really good Nausicaa website with sections dedicated to the manga and movie. The site holds a huge image gallery, ghibli puzzle games, and the best is its amazing glossary of the animals, characters, insects, ships, lands, and tributes of the manga.
"ever forward, my darling wind"..I can help my sigh happily when I hear that phrase.

Buta-Connection: Nausicaä de la Vallée du Vent [French]
This great site has excellent layout and lots of information. In addition to an illustrated synopsis, you can find very detailed analysis of the major characters and an analysis of the film itself. The most fascinating section concerns the origin, production and art technique of the movie. The link I posted above takes you directly to the Nausicaa site, but as a result it eliminates the frames that suppose to be part of the page; you can enter through the main page at

Nausicaa Flash Game
Play as Nausicaa, Kiki, or Porco Rosso in this flash game to calm down the angry Ohmus.

Ichigo's Sheet Music
Nausicaa sheet music! Need I say more?

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