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The Camphor Tree
This site has been opened since October 1999, but I did not realize it existed until tonite (11/09/2001)! This is a really good page. It has a pretty layout and I really enjoyed reading the owner's comments about the film. There are really cool desktop items on the page including Totoro icons, cursors, original wallpapers. There are also a lot of multimedia files available for download. My Neighbor Totoro
The pages at by Team Ghiblilink are always top-quality and sites that must be visited. It has the most information and best presentation. Two must-see places to visit at this site is the illustrated synopsis and the FAQ. The FAQs by TeamGhiblilink are always well-done and full of interesting information you wouldn't find in a regular introduction about the film. Be sure to check those out.

Buta-Connection: Mon Voisin Totoro [French]
This webpage offers a great deal of information and it is one of my favourite Totoro pages. Aside from providing a synopsis and character profiles, it has a 2 page analysis of the film, background information about the creation of the movie as well as a record of interviews with Hayao Miyazaki and others who worked on the film. The link I posted above takes you directly to the Totoro site, but as a result it eliminates the frames that suppose to be part of the page; you can enter through the main page at

Online Ghibli - My Neighbor Totoro
For those of you who haven't seen the film and eager to catch a glimpse of the movie, or for those of you just enjoy reliving the film again, you should visit this page. The page host pages of screen captures from all Ghibli films!

Flash Game: Catch the Susuwataris!
Flash game in Japanese, but it is easy to understand how to play without understanding the language. Susuwataris are coming out from the wall in the attic, and you have to catch them. Very cute!

My Neighbor Totoro Transcript
You are probably wondering why the link to a transcript is placed here as opposed to in my synopsis section. There is actually more to this page than just a simple transcript. It offers you the ability to compare the English dub transcript side by side with the Japanese translation. Pretty cool eh?

Totoro Club [French]
A French Studio Ghibli fan club! The goal of club is to bring together French fans to create an influent group who will be able to put pressure on the distributors. The club also aims to increase the popularity of the studio in France. The site provides Studio Ghibli news in French, biography of Hayao Miyazaki, and information of the films. A great site!

Anime Digital: Totoro wallpaper
The page offers some very cute watercolour Totoro wallpapers that I have not seen elsewhere. After I found the site, I immediately put one of them on my desktop.

Ichigo's Sheet Music
Totoro sheet music! Need I say more?

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