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Stomp Tokyo
"One of the other reasons for our love of Totoro is the quality of the aforementioned English dub. Every detail is perfect, down to the spontaneous bursts of laughter from Mei and her muffled protests through sobs later in the film. Problematic Japanese idioms are nicely glossed over, but important cultural details are not omitted. It is a model of quality translation and voice acting."

T.H.E.M. Anime Reviews
"The soundtrack is probably one of the best I've ever heard: unique, eccentric, and friendly all at the same time. The magic of each scene is enhanced even more by the tracks that accompany them, making even going to school seem like a scene from a Mother Goose rhyme."

A Parent's Guide to Anime
"Disney leans on murder and dark characters that revel in their own evil to engage its viewers, Miyazaki understands that people generally act from what they see as good motives."

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