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Shizuku Tsukishima
At the age of 14, Shizuku is a normal girl who loves to read and spend time with her friends. She is a good daughter, but does not do everything her parents want and is not the most eager to help with housework. She is very talented with words, and is able to translate English songs into Japanese for her friends. When she sets her heart on something, she becomes focused on it. She is a very curious girl. One day, she notices that all the library cards in her books has been signed out by someone named Seiji Amasawa....

Seiji Amasawa
Seiji is 14 years old and already have many talents. He spends time making violins in the workshop below his Grandfather's store, and is also able to play the violin very well. While he is eager to reach his goal to become a violin maker as soon as possible, his parents wants him to finish senior high school. Likes to read a lot, and takes out a lot of books from the library...


Yuko Harada
Yuko is Shizuku's best friend. The two friends are always there to help and support each other. She attends extra-tutoring classes. Yuko has a crush on Sugimura.

Sugimura is a good friend and classmate of Shizuku. He is on the school baseball team. He likes Shizuku.


Mr. Tsukishima
Shizuku's father works in the public library. He used to smoke but is now trying to quit. He is supportive of his daughter's endeavours.

Mrs. Tsukishima
Shizuku's Mother is back at school working to her degree. She is concerned about her daughter's well-being, but also supportive of her endeavours.

Shiho Tsukishima
Shizuku's sister is a University student and lives away away from home. She is very responsible and is more aware of the need to help her parents with household chores. She tutors part time to earn extra money. She cares about her sister's school work, and wants her to do better so that their parents do not worry.


Shiro Nishi
Seiji's Grandfather and owner of a little store filled with antiques, clocks and other items. A very kind old man there to provide the guidance for Seiji and Shizuku as they seek out their goals.

Mr. Nishi's lost love. They were together before in Paris and purchased the Baron together. They were seperated when WWII broke out and he never saw her again.


The Baron
A cat statute that Mr. Nishi bought in Paris. He was part of a pair. When Mr. Nishi and Louise found him, his other half (female cat statue) was being repaired. The store owner allowed them to buy the Baron only after Louise promised to buy the female statue when it came back to the shop. Mr. Nishi took the statue back with him to Japan first to await Louise's later return. When the war broke out, he never heard from her again. The Baron was never reunited with the other statue. Shizuku uses the Baron as the main character in ther story.

A cat that roams around the city. No one home, but travels from family to family and has a new name each time. He is the cat that guided Shizuku to Mr. Nishi's store.

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