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Mohri's Whisper of the Heart Page
I think this must be the best Whisper of the Heart page on the web right now. Aside from giving just basic information about the film (like my site for instance..hehehe..) it actually does analysis of different aspects of the film. It also has a section with up to date news concerning the movie and offers a tour of the city that the movie took place in. This site is a wonderful source of information. I think all Whisper of the Heart fans would appreciate the hard work put into it.

Roarkiller's scanned English translations of the original manga
If you loved the film, and you can't get your hands on the original manga (or you can't read the manga in its original Japanese language), then you must must visit this site. You can download the entire manga here, which has been wonderfully translated by Roarkiller. It is a really great read, because while the film was based on the manga, there are differences throughout which is really interesting to see. Whisper of the Heart
I don't think I can have a links page without at least one link to The FAQ is always a good thing to visit because they have the most interesting information. In addition, they now have a very detailed synopsis complete with pictures. Last but not least, they have a page with all the film related merchandise...but looking at that page usually just makes me feel bitter that I don't live in Japan and can't buy all of that stuff...~sigh~ =)

Iblard - The art of Naohisa Inoue
The fantasy sequence in the movie was inspired/done by the artist Naohisa Inoue. I am not too certain whether this is a fan page or an official page,but it has a lot of information about the artist and a gallery of his works. His work is so beautiful. I don't know how I will, but I hope I will one day have the chance to see some of these paintings up close. [French]
As usual, content-rich site from the people at Here you can find a synopsis, character profiles, film analysis, and the very intersection detailing the making of the film. It is a really great site. Be sure to visit.

Susurro del Corazon - Mimi wo sumaseba [Spanish]
Okay, I must admit I don't understand what is written on the page, but from what I can understand, it looks like a site with good information written in Spanish. It has character profiles and a full synopsis. It is a good page to visit for the fans of Whisper of the Heart who can read Spanish.

Mimi wo sumaseba - [German]
This page is a symopsis of the movie in German. Wow, as I am writing up this links page I am really impressed by the film's international presence. I always thought this was one of the lesser known Ghibli films and I am really surprised to have found two non-English movie synopses. It's a nice discovery.

Mimi wo sumaseba the Manga
This is a small page part of Emily's Random Shoujo Manga Page. Even though it is small, I think it's pretty interesting because it is about the manga and not the movie. It has a brief synopsis of the manga and brief mention of the differences between the movie and the manga. Aside from the dedication to the mimi wo sumaseba, the site itself is a really cool place to visit. You are introduced to many of the shoujo mangas that are out in the market right now. I really like the section "Some Common Characteristics of Shoujo Manga Plots".

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