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Review by Yuko Endo
"The reason why I like this movie is that it is express very delicate feelings of a girl. When I was in junior high school, I had similar nervousness. So, I feel near to Shizuku."

Review by David Steid
"The animation is high budget movie quality. Although you won't find any violent explosions or bloodshed here, the film, like all Ghibli films, has a magical quality to it that has to be seen to be believed "

Midnight Eye
"With its wonderful marriage of dreamlike flights of fancy and touching rite of passage, Whisper of the Heart could bring a tear to a glass eye."

T.H.E.M. Anime Reviews
"The animation quality is really nothing outstanding (for anime), but ten minutes into the flick you won't notice."

Anime Cafe
"But perhaps Miyazaki's most poigniant in-joke isn't a joke at all: the ironic wording in the parody translation of 'Country Roads' once again shows his concern for the environment, and once again, his method of sharing this ideology is highly effective."

Anime Colony
"Whisper of the Heart is not a fast paced, action-packed anime - rather it's a gentle and touching story of two junior high school students and their pursuit of their dreams."

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