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Most of the e-mails I get are about where someone can buy so-and-so products. Hopefully this page can help you in your search.

Stores that have a * beside its name means I am an affiliate and I get a commission if you buy from that store. Please don't feel you have to buy from those stores. It'd be nice, but don't worry it's not as though I would take the site down if you don't. Only buy from those stores if they actually offer a better deal. Thanks

Unless otherwise indicated, I have never tried these sites before. Please learn more the store's terms before you actually buy from them. If anyone have been to the stores below and would like to a submit a comment, please do so. And if you have a favourite store that is not listed here, please let me know as well. =)

Items they have: English DVD
Pros: Big company, probably more reliable.
Cons: ?

Items they have: Manga Vol. 1, Manga Vol. 2.
Pros: very nice prices
Cons: shipping costs from Japan
Items they have: Piano Solo Album.
Pros: wow, never realized there was a piano solo book!
Cons: ?

Items they have: Original Soundtrack, Image Album CD, Import VHS, This is Animation (book), Conte Book (art book), DVD (region 2 ONLY!).
Pros: Probably the most popular online Anime store
Cons: For myself: US dollars....~sigh~

Items they have: Original Soundtrack, Image Album CD, DVD (region 2 ONLY!)
Pros: Not bad prices
Cons: Shipping Costs from Japan

Items they have: Archives of Studio Ghibli Vol. 5.
Pros: Really hard fo find Archives of Studio Ghibli books beyond vol. 2...
Cons: I couldn't find the shipping costs....maybe someone can help me? ^_^;;

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