Hoa Sua

The Hoa Sua vocational training school was one of my favourite visits. The school offers vocational training to disdvantaged youths, including children of war invalids, oprhans and street kids, children from poor families living in poverty, and speech and hearing impaired youths. The school is very famous, and graduates are able to find jobs easily at large hotels and restaurants all over Vietnam. Training and boarding at the school is offered free to all the students. Even if you offer to pay to attend the school, you are not allowed to.

Aside from the main training site where the residences are also located, the school also has a restaurant, embroidery shop, bakery, and catering business located in the heart of Hanoi. The revenues generated by the business help to support the school, while the businesses offer the students a place to practice their skills.

I had the opportunity to try the food (twice!) and pastries made by the students and it was amazing. The taste was wonderful, the presentation was beautiful...I do not have enough good things to say about it. I am glad I had the chance to actually meet the students. While I was unable to speak to them, I tried to convey as best as I could how much I admired their skills and dedication.

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