Nghi Phong Commune

The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) funds the Localized Poverty Reduction in Vietnam (LPRV) program. The aim of the project is to build sustainable poverty reduction programs while at the same time providing "Learning-by-Doing" training. The LPRV program is run in co-operation with various universities in Vietnam in order to help build the university's capacity for participatory planning methods. Vinh University is one of the program's partners. It is involved in the microfinance project in the Nghi Phong commune.

The commune received approximately $10,000 Cdn from the program. Each household received approximately $100 Cdn to be used for animal husbandry. During our visit, we had the chance to visit a couple of households that are being helped by the program. In one of the households that we saw, the woman invested her loan into purchasing a cow. She seemed very happy with the program, and intends to sell the cow for a profit at a later time. In the second household that we saw, the family bought a pig.

The visit to the commune was my first view of Vietnam outside of the cities. I was amazed, or perhaps shocked, by how different people live here. It is difficult to judge a standard of living when the people are smiling, so cheerful, and seem happy about their lives.

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